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Google Celebrates India’s Independence Day With Colorful And Attractive Doodle

India is celebrating today its 65th Independence day and how can Google miss out this important event of one of the largest democracy of the world. To commemorate this eventful day of  India when India got liberated from the British rule in 1947, Google has come out with colourful and attractive doodle.

The Independence Day India doodle showcases a male peacock with its tail.  The peacock in the doodle forms the letter ‘G’ of the Google logo. The remaining letters of Google logo are also seen designed and coloured in yellow ochre and blue. Google’s creative team does not miss important events and personalities and have created this impressive doodle for the country’s historical significance where Google is very popular.

On this day, Indians pay tribute to those selfless people who fought and laid their precious lives to make India free from the British rule by offering prayers and holding various activities. In New Delhi, the Independence Day is observed with great pomp and show every year at the Red Fort where the Prime Minister hoists the national flag and addresses the nation.

Although our Prime Minister makes lot of promises every year about various welfare schemes and to ameliorate the lives of Indians from the ramparts of Red Fort, yet unfortunately, majority of announcements remain on papers. It is hoped that our political class will wake up from its slumber one day and makes lives of Indian as beautiful and attractive as has been conceived by Google in their doodle for India’s independence day.

Long live India and our independence! Hope Google will keep on encouraging our politicians with its creative doodles!


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