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Google’s Motorola Smartphones Round The Corner, Will Be “Very Impressive & Phenomenal”

Many rumor mills are working overtime to churn out various stories about the plan of Google to come out with its state of the art Motorola X Phone. Now, Google Executive Chairman has given a credence  to these rumours by stating that he has seen the smartphones coming up at Motorola and they are “very, very impressive.”


Schmidt made this remark while speaking at an event in NewYork. He further went to add,”They have a new set of products, which are phenomenal.” He also mentioned that these smartphones should not be termed as just phones but “Think of it as phones-plus.”  Whether he was alluding to the size of the phone or not, is not clear from this statement, but Schmidt has definitely added a new sense of anticipation towards the devices.

But it appears that Motorola may not come out with big size display in their new smartphones, if one goes by the Motorola’s Design Chief Jim Wicks’s interview to PC Mag, when he said that  ever-expanding screen sizes and customized operating system wrappers only appeal to a very small percentage of the overall smartphone market and that Motorola believes “better is better” and not that “bigger is better.”

Therefore it will be concentrating its efforts on simplifying the user interface — i.e. keeping with stock Android. “Consumers love what the Android OS can do for them, and they want to have the most recent releases faster,” Wicks said. “From a software and UI perspective, our strategy is to embrace Android and to make it the best expression of Android and Google in the market. It will be the unadulterated version of Android, and I feel really good about our embracing Android and being the best Android experience.”

He also explained that despite the apparent demand for larger screens there is a “sweet spot” in terms of size that is starting to be exceeded by manufacturers. “There are some people that like a big display, but there’s also a lot of people that want something that’s just about right,” he said. “I think ‘just right’ is important, and we’re designing so we don’t disappoint those people.”

Motorola Mobility was officially acquired by Google in May 2012, but, the benefits of being owned by Google has not surfaced so far and probably this is the high time for Motorola to come out with some path-breaking smartphones and it is expected that the new smartphones by Motorola will be out by the second half of 2013.


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