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Guide To Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup

Do you get irritated when a friend of yours gives you prank calls? Do you get curious when an unknow person calls you?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then i am sure you must have searched google for a way to get information about the owner of calling number. You must also have got an idea as to how many of them really work. Even though a lot of online reverse phone directories are available for performing the reverse cell phone look up but most of them are scams, have out dated databases or charge hefty fees. Besides, there have been many controversies regarding such type of services including question marks on its legality and availability of confedential information.

Besides being surrounded by such controversies, a huge number of sites are offering number tracing facility (for indian users refer this post). Wireless providers are now offering more features like cell phone lookup – a locator that can be used to trace cell phone owner’s info and location. However, tracing cell phone numbers can be a difficult task reason being, unlike landlines, cell phone numbers are usually not listed in directories.

Now, as i said earlier, a majority of sites are worthless and dont server the purpose. In this post i’ll be sharing with you ways to trace a mobile number or any number using plain and simple techniques:

1. Searching The Internet

Intenet covers everything. And this can be benefitial in tracing identity of everyone and anyone. All you need to do is search for the number in search engines like google, yahoo, bing. Chances are you will find some information in form of name, age or address (if you are lucky), which has been submitted by user to job sites, social media sites or used in comments, blogs, etc. and (unfortunately, for them) indexed by search engines.

2. Check Online Phone Directories.

Searching phone directories available online is an easy way to trace a number but these do not contain updated records of ever growing cell phone using population. However, it can certainly be tried. Though, i am not sharing any of such sites here but one thing you should keep in mind is DO NOT FALL for scam sites. Such sites demand fees and more often than not have old and outdated database. So, do proper research of the site to which you are going pay fees.


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