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Havells Freshia Air Purifiers Are Ideal To Ward Off Pollution

Havells has recently introduced its latest air-purifiers range AP-58, AP-46, AP-40 and AP-20 with an innovative 9-stage filtration process that promises to curb and eliminate air-borne pollutants as small as 0.3 micron, capturing pollutants up to 99.99%. The latest range is priced between INR 14,490- Rs. 43,290 and comes in white colour. The purifier consists of LED air quality indicator in varied colours such as Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange. The size of the purifier varies from 58 m2- 20 m2 which resonates with the room size and product design.

Havells Freshia air-purifier range is equipped with SmartAir technology and a rigorous 9-stage filtration system, it eliminates various air-borne pollutants effectively, infusing freshness in the environment. In addition to standard pre-filter, anti-bacterial, anion producer, cold catalyst, True HEPA technology, the product also embeds humidifier, activated carbon, sterilizing UV light and anti-bacterial balls.

The range comes with a BLDC noiseless motor along with remote access to adjust the speed according to the room size. Crafted to improve air quality, the purifier offers built-in features like filter replacement reminder, front cover open protection. With acute efficiency and powerful air-purification system, the range also offers CADR up to 500 m3/hr.


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