Manufacturers are working hard to address privacy and security concern of users. Knox, fingerprint scanner, face unlock, etc. are all there serving as an additional layer of protection. However, each one of these suffers from issues like availability, applicability, or reliability. This is were Hexlock tries to makes its mark. An android specific app, Hexlock allows you to lock individual apps and securely store media (in a vault).

The logic behind Hexlock is as simple as it gets. You lock applications you want to and thereafter each time that application is accessed, directly or through notification (or in any other manner), Hexlock pops up asking for PIN code/Pattern before accessing that application. Basic working aside, you also go tweaks in form of different profiles (Home, Work) and an option to add more! For each profile, a certain sub-set of (installed) applications can be locked. Profiles can also be activated based on Wi-Fi networks. As in my use case, Hexlock activated ‘Home’ profile when on home wi-fi; ‘Study’ profile when on university’s wi-fi; and ‘Work’ when in office. I just had to set it up once and from then on, I never had to access the application itself to activate any profile!

Besides application locking, Hexlock also provides a Media Vault, giving you the ability to securely stow away photos and videos. The usage could vary depending on the person 😉 but it is indeed a nifty functionality neatly integrated in the application. I did take it for a spin and locked away certain photos, it worked on Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Galaxy S6 but on Asus Zenfone Zoom nothing worked. (Looking into it but ignored it as an outlier.)

A handy tip for those planning to get started with Hexlock, don’t forget to enable “Uninstall Protection” to avoid uninstalling the app unknowingly. After enabling this option under settings, you need to give access to app as a Device Administrator (look under phone settings in security and privacy).

All in all Liquidum’s Hexlock, a free ad-supported, android app is a secure enough option for users looking to add an additional layer of security and safeguarding individual app data from prying eyes. In-fact paying a sum of $1.30 (USD) for ad-free protection is worth every penny!

Hexlock is available for free on Google Play store – Applock


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