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HID Global Launches Mobile Access Solution In India With Twist and Go Gesture Technology


Taking into consideration that smartphones have become an integral part of every human being’s life,  HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced the launch of its HID Mobile Access solution in India for opening restricted areas like doors and gates with the help of smartphones working on Android and iOS platforms.

HID Mobile Access solution is possible with Bluetooth and NFC-enabled smartphones as an alternative to keys and smart cards. In today’s environment, the users may forget to carry the smart card or key to access the resricted area but they will not be without their smart devies and hence this solution via smart devices. This Mobile Access solution is based on the company’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture technology which will make it possible for users to unlock doors and open gates from a distance.

Currently, HID Mobile Access solution supports Nexus 5 and other Android smartphones using Android version 4.3 or above such as Samsung’s Galaxy S3 onwards, HTC One M8 etc. and Apple iPhones series 5 onwards and the latest iPads using iOS version 7.0 upwards.

The Mobile Access solution significantly improves security while enhancing the user experience by making it easier to deploy and manage keys, as the digital key can be downloaded remotely in real time. HID Global has also created a unique and user friendly HID Secure Identity Service portal. The portal is designed for administrators to conveniently and efficiently manage the portal by simply sending users an invitation to download and register an HID Mobile Access App directly to their Bluetooth- or NFC-enabled phones, so that Mobile IDs can be immediately issued, provisioned or revoked over the air.

The HID Mobile Access solution is powered by Seos technology, which turns smartphones and other mobile devices into trusted credentials. Seos technology also preserves privacy by enabling Mobile IDs to be issued, delivered and revoked with end-to-end encryption as part of a unique transaction that protects personal identification data. With Seos technology at the core of HID Mobile Access, the solution makes it possible to use smartphones and other smart devices for future applications such as PC login, time and attendance, biometrics, EV charging in a unified secure identity system.

According to Mr. Ranjit Nambiar, Director, IAM, India & SAARC, HID Global, “HID Global’s mobile access solution will help organizations take advantage of the latest technology advances to improve security, convenience and user experience. We already see growing Indian enterprises adopting mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Large enterprise CIOs and Chief Innovation Officers are keen to understand how personal devices like smartphones can be further empowered to boost employee productivity and growth.”


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