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Hike Messenger App Is Among Top 5 Apps On Android & iOS

Hike messenger app has reached at 4th position on the Google Play Store amongst the Top Free Android Apps across India. This app is also on #2 on iOS App Store and #6 on the Windows Store, as claimed by the company in its statement.

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The company has further claimed that their app has over 20 Million users and in the last 3 months alone, has added over 5 Million users. Over 90% of the hike’s users are from India and over 80% of its users are under the age of 25. Hike is now adding over 200K users per day, climbing to the top of Google Play store charts.

Speaking about the fast paced growth, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Head of Product and Strategy, hike messenger says “Our organically grown 20M user base is a testimony to the right direction in which Hike is growing. And today, we’re adding over 200K new users each day. Hike is built in close collaboration with our users and we are bringing to the market a product, that bridges the existing gaps in the instant messaging space. Features such as Hike Offline, Last Seen Privacy and many others are speaking to the local needs of the market.”

The Hike Messenger app has some India specific features such as ‘Hidden Mode’. With this, a hiker can hide their private chats from being seen by anyone else. The teenagers in India stay with their parents and families and this feature can be a boon for the users. The other Indian-youth specific features, is ‘Last-Seen Privacy’. A hike user has the ability to pick and choose who they show their last seen and status updates to.

Keeping in view of the fact that data constraint is rampant in India, the company has  announced ‘Hike Offline’, which allows users to connect with friends who don’t have smartphones / data connectivity via Free SMS.

Another powerful feature added to the app’s unique features bouquet is the ‘Big File Attachments,’ which enables users to send files in any format up to a 100MB each.

Hike can be downloaded for free and is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, BB10, WP, S40, S60 and Noxia X.


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