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Hitachi Airconditioners with Advanced Technology & State-of-art Features, Launched in India

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, has announced the launch of a wide range of over 10 SKUs for the Indian market. Depending on the model, capacity, and features, the price range of these air conditioners are affordable.

Hitachi AC airHome series is an array of power-packed globally designed models. Its Duality Design creates a signature statement for both interiors and cooling performance. The duality design concept is inspired by the superior craftsmanship of the world’s best sword – the Japanese katana. It has dual panel look, dual surface finish, dual platinum and dual gold colour tone, longer lasting Star white colour, accentuated curve design and iconic wave design. The UV paint ensures that the pristine white colour remains vibrant, enhancing the beauty of the interiors.

The airHome range of’ ‘Yoshi’ and ‘iZen’ Series of Inverter air conditioners are equally highly rated on cooling performance. Yoshi, a 5-star inverter ac series, iZen, a 3-star inverter ac series, and Senpai, a 3-star fixed speed ac series are being very well received in the market.

These ACs come with innovative features such as elimination of dust, mold, viruses and bacteria with Freeze-Melt-Dry technique to the promotion of cleaner air circulation with ice Clean feature powered by FrostWash Technology. These air conditioners prioritize both health and comfort. This revolutionary system not only enhances air quality but also prolongs the lifespan of the air conditioner, offering unparalleled reliability.

The Xpandable+ range represents the pinnacle of technological innovation, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. The Xpandable+ adapts to ambient conditions with auto expand and auto adjust feature to provide optimum cooling as per the ambient temperature outside and load requirements inside the room. Xpandable+ inverter ACs can increase their compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM) from the standard- rated RPM, as and when required.

With features such as airCloud Go and Smart-Fence, consumers gain unparalleled control over their indoor climate, maximising comfort while minimising energy consumption. Long air throw capabilities, extending up to 24 meters, ensure uniform cooling across all corners of the room.

With Hitachi ACs first-ever Ambience Light feature, consumers can easily know their ambience, be it cold, comfort or warm. This feature has three colors – cool blue for cool ambience (16- 23°c), comfort green for comfort ambience (24- 27°c), and warm red for a warm ambience (28- 32°c).

Hitachi airCloud Go, WiFi-enabled ACs, allows users to remotely monitor and control air conditioning from a single app through their smartphone, digital device, or voice assistant on their mobile for conveniently managing temperature. A built-in ionizer, AQtiv-Ion releases negatively charged particles that bind themselves to pollutants floating in the room causing them to be deactivated, and can be operated in any mode – Cooling, Heating, Dry, Fan, Circulation, and Auto.

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning has a presence spanning more than 10,000 retail touch-points and growing. For a seamless pre-sale experience and diligent after-sales services, Hitachi has created a robust service mechanism in every nook and corner of the country.

The product line-up for 2024 is available across all leading retail stores and on leading e-commerce portals.


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