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Hitachi Silent-Iconic 4-way Premium VRF Cassette AC Launched in India

Hitachi today introduced its Silent-Iconic 4-way premium VRF Cassette AC in the Indian market. Hitachi Silent-Iconic is inspired by Hitachi’s ‘Duality Design’ philosophy called ‘Soku-Hi’ in Japan. By blending ‘Function & Form’ together into balance, it delivers the best of both to users. Silent-Iconic is designed to be ‘visually silent’ and blend in with architectural spaces, while delivering high-performance cooling and heating needs. Hitachi Silent-Iconic Design Panel is a unique option for air conditioning, which is ‘Silent for visual integration into space’ and ‘Iconic for a unique aesthetic’. It’s easy to clean filter by using the technique of “Design Panel with an Elevation Grille.”

This product has unique design which enables air conditioning to blend completely into the ceiling surface and makes it the most suitable choice for integration into suspended ceilings. By its intrinsic visual quality, Silent-Iconic makes the perfect addition when included in exposed ceilings. The product is well suited for high ceilings as well. The four flaps of the Silent-Iconic are crafted to reduce their visual impact yet maintain precise airflow control. To further minimise the appearance of the cassette, the central inlet of the unit is louvered, so it integrates perfectly into the ceiling. These innovative adjustments applied to the classic cassette means that air vents are now tastefully hidden and integrate seamlessly into the overall look and feel of the interior environment.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Chairman, and Managing Director, Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited said, “Stunning interior designs matched with superior air conditioning has become the need of the New Informed World spaces. It has gained a significant position in all commercial environments and has a direct impact on the customer’s experience at premium spaces. Catering to the modern architects and interior designers’ demand for integration of AC units into interiors and Hitachi’s quest to deliver aesthetics uniqueness, the idea of Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette AC was born. We are delighted to introduce our award-winning innovation Silent-Iconic™ 4-way Cassette AC for Indian architects, interior designers, and premium customers. This product is aimed at offering a new-age option that is “visually silent”, and that does not interfere with the look and feel of the interior.”


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