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How Galaxy S4 Is Stacked Up Against Competition

Samsung is a smart company and by pricing  its smartest flagship Galaxy S4 for Rs. 41,500, the company is going to pose serious challenge to its immediate competitive smartphones like HTC One, Sony’s Xperia Z, and LG’s Optimus G, which have also been launched in India, in recent weeks. The Galaxy S4 will also give tough competition to Apple’s iPhone 5 and Nokia’s Lumia 920, also.

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Although Galaxy S 4 has 5 inch screen and bigger than Galaxy S 3 yet it is light in weight and slimmer than its predecessor. Its weight is just 130 gms and thickness is 7.9 mm. It is very light to carry and easily fits into the pocket also. The Galaxy S4 runs on the latest Android Jelly Bean OS. This phone comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, which can be expanded upto 64GB, via Micro SD card. The S4 is equipped with 13MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The unique features of S4 like smart stay, multi-windows view and air gestures, make it class apart, and is rightly dubbed as the smartest smartphone so far.


Some of the technology analysts may write some adverse comments about the Galaxy S4, but feature wise and its attractive pricing, will make life difficult for the competitive devices and who knows in due course of time, Samsung becomes more aggressive in India and in order to increase its sales figures, may start offering cash back offers also on this device. Even in the current scenario, Galaxy S4 is going to dominate the high-end smartphone market in India, where Samsung is quite popular, and has regained number one position from struggling Nokia.


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