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How Helpful Social Media Sites Are To Businesses

The time when social media sites were introduced in the World Wide Web, there was an estimated one billion Internet users around the globe. Social networking is not only popular amongst teenagers but now  businesses also reap the benefits it offers. Every business corporation extends their sales and marketing campaigns on the Internet by making use of social networking sites. Compared to the tri-media such as television, radio, and print, most companies prefer online marketing strategy as an effective method to promote their products and services.

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Targeting thousands of people online is not easy. But fortunately, this is possible and costs less with social media sites. Five of the most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus+. Facebook, on its own, has 1 billion unique visitors each month which means a huge number of possible customers. On the other hand, Twitter is home to 500 million netizens.

With the help of social media sites, any business can build a closer connection or partnership with their clients and in public. Posting something interesting on your business’ account wall will definitely attract online users; this also gives them  good enough reason to keep on visiting your page and checking out your products or services.

Sign up!

Give a boost to your business company’s online visibility by signing-up and creating an account on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Get as much “likes” and “comments” from online visitors by updating your status or sharing photos which can grab any Internet user’s attention. Do not forget to add your contact info like your RingCentral business phone number or email to help your potential customers get in touch with you.

Connect with the online community

With the online community, connecting and communicating to any individual and your prospect customers is a piece of cake. Social media makes it possible for you to ask the people about their concerns, what aspects in your service or product needs improvement, and most of all, if they are satisfied or not. Now, people are finding it easy to post and update their status straight into the company’s page with their issues and complaints rather than picking up the phone and talking to any customer service representative. Having said, if you do not have a business phone for your, why not go along with the best, easy and affordable internet to cater to your business communication needs?

Try Linkedln

LinkedIn is a well-known and recommended business networking site. Unlike any social networking sites, this site is designed mainly for business purposes. The site’s mission is to assist professional individuals online to be more efficient in their day to day work and give them new opportunities through connections they already have. By means of LinkedIn, you can perfectly make personal ties in relation to job opportunities. You will be able to promote your own brand and credentials, and you can be recognized and sought after by companies and clients. Whenever your company needs to hire new employees, you can post this at LinkedIn and it will repost the information to people who are qualified for the job post. LinkedIn has the capacity for any member to link and ‘hangout’ together as well as build an online presence.

With the knowledge of the different advantages of social media sites in terms of business, one must not waste time and should start building an online presence for their company. Moreover, introducing your business to the world using the social media can make you get a lot of customers and earn more profit in a shorter time and with lesser expense.


Author :  Michelle Simpson is a professional editor that focuses in the field of technology, business and current trends in the industry.


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