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How To Fight Social Media Addiction

It is true! Social media addiction is very real. Are you one of these people? Here are some telltale signs that you are addicted to the use of social media sites. You bring your Smartphone with you in the bathroom so that you do not miss an update. You are logged into your social media account 24 hours a day. You cannot concentrate with your work because you are chatting with someone using social media sites. You need to post on your social media account every single day. You would rather chat with your friends on Facebook rather than meet them in person. The use of social media page may be healthy as this gives you the freedom to communicate with other people but if this was too much, it is also not healthy since it gets in the way of work and real face-to-face meetings. You have to change this now before you get too hooked. Here are some things that will help you control your use of social media sites.


Get a Grip on Yourself

It’s like downing a beer every single night or smoking a cigarette every hour of the day. You need to have control of yourself. If you are working, then concentrate only on doing nothing but this. Stay focused and if you already know within yourself that you are a social media addict, then turn off the Facebook or Twitter applications on your Smartphone. If you have Wi-Fi connection at work, turn these off too so that you will not be tempted even for a sneak peek. If you are very persistent in not doing anything, there is a great chance that you will do exactly just that. What you can do is distract yourself with more important stuff like answering your business emails or concentrating on answering business calls. If you are at work, do not make social media browsing your priority.

Limit Your Network

People on social media sites are not only into these networks because they want to chat with friends or try to impress them with their own posts. They are also into reading posts made by their friends. Social media sites are now the new televisions of today. You can see news of the stars being posted and you can even read what they really have to say if you follow their personal social media pages. Everybody feels like a star in social media pages. They post the most beautiful pictures of themselves and you on the other hand as their friend is obliged to view their posts. Before you knew it, you have viewed more than you should have because you have more than a thousand friends. Instead of adding or following every person on social media sites, why don’t you just limit this to the real people you know, so that you will not be lost in a multitude of posts every time you log into your account?

Set a Schedule

Plan to include the time you need to use your social media pages in your planner. It does not make sense that you’re logged into your account 24 hours a day when you already have your Smartphone’s mobile network. Why should you be reading the posts of friends when you can just text them using your Smartphone and ask them how they are. Do you know that some people are now so addicted that they would rather spend time updating their pages instead of spending time with their families? To cut the time spent on Facebook or Twitter, these websites now offer the option of designating people in groups or lists. Instead of checking everybody else’s profile, then you can just check out the updates of those who are considered important in your lists.


Author : Michelle Simpson is a professional editor that focuses in the field of technology like IP PBX, business and current trends in the industry.


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