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How to Improve Brand Recognition Through Technology

Technology is something all business owners need to embrace. Although it might feel rather overwhelming due to how fast it all changes and how often updates come about, once you begin to use certain types of tech within your business, you’ll soon understand just how much it can do for you and why it’s so important. Without using modern technology, for example, you could easily get left behind when compared to your competition, and when it comes to marketing, you might not be seen at all.

Brand recognition is crucial when you run a business. It’s a shortcut to sales, and once you get it right, you can reduce your marketing budget substantially. However, getting it right is often challenging and must be carefully planned out. Here are some ideas on what technology to use and how when it comes to brand recognition.

Utilize Mobile

If you look at where the traffic to your website is coming from, you’ll notice that the majority of it is from a mobile device. With more and more people having smartphones and using them to access the internet instead of or as well as using their laptops, your site must be mobile-friendly in order to make your customers happy and entice them to spend longer on your site.

Yet having a responsive website isn’t the only consideration to think about when it comes to the power of the smartphone. Sending text messages – assuming you have permission to do so – to current and former customers is an ideal way to enhance your brand recognition. There is something very personal about texts, which is why PAC SMS messages are so popular with political candidates, and they get to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively. Texts are read immediately and often actioned right away as opposed to emails that are not deemed to be so urgent and can be left unread for longer. Sending a text to someone puts you foremost in their minds and could even be the reminder they need to make a purchase.

Build Online Networks

There are many different ways you can build strong online networks. Social media is one, and it’s certainly a powerful way to improve brand recognition. However, there are also sites such as LinkedIn that are specifically for business-to-business networking, whereas social media is more generally used for business-to-customer networking. Whichever option is best for you, signing up for one of these networking opportunities is crucial. When you get networking right, you should be able to boost your business, and therefore your brand recognition hugely.

The key to successful networking is not to sell. It might sound strange because that’s what you will be expecting to have to do, but directly selling to the people you are interacting with online will turn them off for the most part. What you need to do is ensure you are engaging with them on a personal level. That way, when they need something you sell, you will be their first choice because they already know and trust you.


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