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HTC One Is Worth Its Wait!

HTC One, the flagship smartphone of Taiwanese manufacturer, finally applied the marketing trend followed by other manufacturers, especially Samsung, and released the much-awaited smartphone this March. Though the date was pushed to April due to manufacturing delays this smartphone has wowed many with its design and performance.

HTC is known for making remarkable devices but they fail to reach the hype that builds around Samsung and Apple’s smartphones. Their devices are always beautiful to hold and performance not shabby but the same cannot be said for their marketing efforts that failed to rise the success of HTC One X when market was overexcited with the release of Galaxy S4, Note 2 and iPhone 5. HTC probably decided to release the flagship of this year after creating demand and market for it and the result was seen with pre-orders exceeding the intended target.


But unfortunately, HTC could not sort out the spare parts issue with its suppliers and hence delay in manufacturing the desired number of HTC One. They have not been able to ship out the required numbers of HTC One in niche market like India where the availability date was end of April and this phone is still not available. What is the fun of making good device when you can’t give delivery to your customers?

What makes HTC One worthy even after the delay in its release is the ergonomic design and amazing performance. HTC One comes in a smooth aluminium chassis that weighs light and feels sturdy reflecting the expertise applied to achieve this beautiful result. Unlike Samsung’s high-end smartphones that come in plastic frameworks, this one wins hand down for its premium design. It is not just the design that we look for, as our main concern when purchasing a smartphone is its performance and usability. HTC One triumphs in that round as well by not letting down any expectations.

HTC One comes with a 4.7-inches display, which is smaller than Galaxy S4 and Note 2, but not too small and quite comfortable to hold. The display screen is a Super LCD 3 with a 1920*1080p resolution at 468 ppi and Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The ppi gives the screen more clarity and sharpness and LCD screen consume less battery as well as help fending the sunlight which AMOLED screens are infamous for. HTC One’s hardware is up to notch with its latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor at 1.7GHz quad-core and Adreno 320 GPU with 2GB RAM. The internal storage comes with two options that are 16GB and 32GB and there is no support for external storage, as is traditional for HTC’s smartphones.

HTC One has Android 4.1.2 pre-installed and is released with an updated Sense UI, which adheres to minimalist visual concepts. The home screen now features a simple digital clock and weather display and UI, BlinkFeed, is built in the similar tiling style as Flipboard and Windows 8.


HTC has broken the conventional concept of high megapixel camera and instead took the risk by introducing a new way of photography with a 4MP rear camera that uses UltraPixel sensor to use larger pixels from within and thereby increasing the quality of photos especially in low-lit areas. The common 8 MP on smartphones these days have good quality images but the result of those images in low-lit areas is fuzzy. HTC One also has optical image stabilization, ImageSense 2 processor and other camera apps to improve the image quality further. There is a front camera as well of 2.1MP with 1080p video chat and recording. The camera app also includes a new feature called Zoe that creates a 4 second film videos alongside the photos taken and ends up creating animated thumbnails and gives the ability to create multimedia presentation to share online using Highlight mode.


They also came up with a new idea for the speakers by placing dual speakers in the front at top and bottom of the smartphone. We usually hold our smartphones in such a way that when on loudspeaker, the hand covers the speaker. But HTC One’s BoomSound dual speakers placed conveniently gives much better sound quality that is further enhanced by Beats Audio and HDR recording. The connectivity offered is the usual access of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA, NFC, USB, HDMI and the irremovable Li-Po battery runs at 2300mAh giving 15-16 hours of economical usage.

HTC makes beautiful smartphones that are amazing to use and fast as well. There is a negative side to all the smartphones and their insistent way of making smartphones without an external storage option and irremovable battery. But other than those minor issues, HTC One accomplishes in fulfilling our anticipations and more with its sleek and ergonomic metallic design and Sense 5 UI and remarkable performance and is definitely worth of every single day of waiting.


This article has been written by Sunasra Manzur. He is Co-Founder and Blogger of cashback shopping and loves to write on technology trends. Follow him on Google+



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