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Infinix Launches iROCKER TWS Earbuds under the brand, SNOKOR at Rs. 1499

Infinix, the Hong Kong-based smartphone maker, has launched today iRocker, its TWS earbuds under the brand, SNOKOR. iRocker TWS earbuds will be available exclusively on Flipkart from July 31 at a launch price of INR 1499, until the stocks last.

The iROCKER TWS Earbuds have Goose Egg Design for slip-proof snug fit. They offer Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection bass boost that ensures no shrill at even 20Hz, playtime of up to 20 hours, and multi-function button control for ease in operation. The earbuds come equipped with high fidelity speakers for immersive audio quality – be it while listening to music or taking a call as claimed by the company.

Users can click once to play/pause, twice to go to the next song, and thrice to return to the previous song. The Google voice assistant supporting earbuds allow users to control their phones using simple voice commands. One just needs to press and hold any of the buttons to activate Google Assistant. Each of the earbuds weigh just 4.6 gm, and has IPX 4 rating that makes them lightweight, and sweat and splash-proof.

The earbuds come in two modes: single and double, ensuring a seamless switch between the pair, mainly while driving when it is essential to hear background noise for safety. With this feature, one can quickly switch off one of the earbuds to take calls and keep the other ear free to be in touch with outside traffic. Moreover, the buttons are made of high-end PU with fine titanium coating, which not only gives them a premium look but also makes them durable.

Equipped with 300mAh + 40mAh2 batteries that offer up to 20 hours of playtime, the earbuds also come with a quick charge feature to replenish the batteries within a few minutes. The charger box/ earbuds case looks pretty cool and has a magnet fitted inside to ensure smooth opening and closing.


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