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Install Java Based Application/Software/Game On Samsung Mobile Phone

If you are a samsung user (and most probably you are, that’s why you are here!) you must be knowing that samsung mobile phones don’t allow installation of games, applications, etc. The only way to install is OTA i.e Over The Air installation which requires user to have access to the internet. This is annoying for users of samsung manufactured handsets and probably thats the reson why tech savvy people prefer Nokia.

Anyways, now that you have a samsung mobile and want to install java based applications, games, etc then follow the below mentioned simple guide to install games and stuff without OTA. Before explaining you the procedure, i recommend you to make a backup of all the important data of your mobile phone (which is otherwise important too!).

  1. Open notepad.exe (no need to explain it. Right?)
  2. In that paste the following given code (Download Code HERE) :
  3. In place of XXXX write the name of java based application or game. For eg. If you want to install Opera Mini 5 and name of .JAR file is operamini5.jar then in place of XXXX you should type operamini5.jar and the final code will look like:  The important point to be kept in mind is to make sure that the name of the application, games, etc should be same with what you write in place of XXXX. Any discrepance will not install the desired application, game, etc.
  4. Save the text file with .html extension (For eg. ”techvorm.html”).
  5. Now copy both the files (.html and .jar file) to the same folder on your phone via Cable.
  6. From your phone open .html file and as soon as you do so the file will be installed in your phone.

Note: This trick has been tried on Samsung Corby and i believe it SHOULD work on all the other samsung phones. And do leave a comment in case you install (or are unable to install) an application or game using this method.


  1. jab main apne samsung e2252 pe koi java supported game download karta hoon toh jab ye start hota h toh java error dikha ke exit ho jata h. is problem ka solution aapko agar btana ho toh 7027136002 ir number pe call karke bta dena thank you

  2. Comment:please help me with the code of reseting my samsung Gt-s3332 duos and help me how to download app & games and how can i save them? when i try to download it says java error. please help me

  3. Hi,

    I have samsung GT – B7300 I tried to download skype or any new app it gives me error NOT VALID PC.

    Please suggest the best way to get rid of it.

    Best Regards

  4. sir i have got chat c322 and not able to install any application by downloading or by copying from pc.it always shows ‘jar are invalid’.i called samsung customercare they said java mid2.0 applications are copatible but i still i cannot install please help me.send me the solution to my email [link removed]

  5. i have tried the procedure given above but it did not work because samsung c3222 does not support the .html file type… so i cannot do the procedure number 6… pls help.. 🙁

  6. This Trick Not Work In Samsung C3322
    No Jar, Jad Application File Install C3322
    Any Install Application This Error >Downloaded Jar Are Invalid<
    So Please Help Me……..

  7. Hi Hussain,
    Can u please help to send me a link to download the Opera mini in jar file J2me java file to my computer….
    Please dude reply me ….
    Awaiting ur Reply…
    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Hi Paritosh,

    i tired so many times the solution which u have given to install the games/ apps in the samsung mobile but still i m not able to install any game & apps in my Samsung Chat GT 3222 Mobile ….
    Kindly Suggest me some other option or please Explain me each an every Process which u have suggest earlier ……

    Thanx & regards,

  9. Dear Sir,

    i have samsung C3222 chat.. may i know if there’s a solution to install game directly to sd memory of my phone and it’s possible to expand the inbox of my phone.

    thank you

  10. how could i upgrade my samsung windows phone gt-b7300
    contact me,please……………9040552228

  11. how to change the mobile java version to 2 in samsung gt-c3222.if we can update the java software to 2,it will accept all jar and jad file.please help me

  12. HI, I was able to downlaod the file, however when I try to register my self, it just shows me that its connecting. I left it for almost 5 to 6 hrs but no luck. Could you suggest me wht needs to be done. I am using Samsung GT-s5560

  13. hi.bro
    i am using samsung champ C3303
    whenever i download games or apps. it shows jar or jad file is invalid.
    please help me out from tis problem.

  14. the method is nt workin on my samsung chat322 … giv som other ideas !
    and tell me wt should we give in de place of server , while settin up de email on the cell phone !

  15. I tried it on my Wave2. It started downloading but gave an error msg “Invalid Content”. So I guess it does not work on all Samsung phones.

  16. sir please help me
    i am using samsung GT-B7722 duos mobile
    when i have installed UC BROWSER(all version ) and OPERA MINI (all version) it has been installed but when i want to download any thing through these browser it shows DOWNLOAD FAIL
    tell me what to do

  17. I have a corby 3850.
    When I first used it for the installed Twitter and Facebbok applications, it all worked wel. But now, it says “set connection for the network services”, and shows nothing. What to do?

  18. my phone did not run the html file. it replied ‘unsupported file type’ Pls wat should i do? thanks for the help.

  19. i have samsung f480i and it shows “invalid URL” error whenever i click on the “install XXXX.jar”,,,, what should i do??

  20. This is the best phone i ever have.i have found the solution for your problem.first you will have to download opera mini in jar file to your computer,make sure that its J2me jave file.then put this java file in your memory card and try to install it in your mobile phone samsung chat c3222.once you have installed.open the opera mini browser,that will take some time to install.after you have install,try to open GETJAR.com website from opera mini,try to download something from getjar site,you will that anything you download,will be saved automatically without any error.
    actually there is problem with recognition of this cell phone,the default browser in samsung chat c3222 does not recognize itself to the website from where you are downloading,as a result the specific file is not downloaded and show error with jar file.
    i think this would help you.
    remember me in your prayers
    S.M.Hussain Naqvi

  21. From the error you are getting, it looks like the .jar file you downloaded and saved in your mobile phone wasn’t downloaded/transferred properly. Try again with some different .jar file.

  22. sir, i have samsung c3222 & when i download any application or game its show “java error” & “jar invailed” & “downloading fail due to installation”
    sir my phone .html file not supported
    sir, please help me what i do ?
    give me a solution….

  23. hey saffa here
    how do i access notepad.exe in my samsung champ c3303i …
    pls help here
    weneveR i download something for my mobile it says its an unsupported file . .jar is invalid wat can i do to come out of it ??

  24. The link is pretty good , but with my samsung chat 335 , i can’t still install java wich have + 700kb , I didn’t find any codes yet , could someone help me ?

  25. My dear Rahul, thanks to your secret code, I increased the size of the jar file to 700 and succeeded to install a pdf viewer to my Samsung Ch@at 322. You are GREAT.
    Do you know other codes giving access to this phone ?

    Thanks a lot. Please reply to my below e-mail.


  26. hii Paritosh..
    how do i download whatsapp in my samsung corby 2..?? let me know the steps to follow 1 by 1.. so that derz no problem while doin.. thnxxx…. 🙂

  27. i have samsung ch@t c3222 n downloud aap or game of jar or jad but not opened i don`t no why did u help me for this ?

  28. Unfortunately not. Both the mobile applications are not available for Samsung Corby. Skype video chat and grooveshark are available for smart phones only.

  29. Repeat this procedure with some other application (which has a .jar version). This process works, can’t say why it is not working for a ‘converted’ .jar file.

  30. The procedure explained above lets you transfer games/applications from computer to mobile phone. There is no ‘direct’ way to install from computer.

  31. yes sir .. ihave downloaded a valid file .. btw thx for replying i ran down to a service center dey said my java was corrupted .. techvorm is d best .. !!!!!!!!! more power

  32. hey i saved the file .jar for docomo and i have a jad maker..i converted it to a jad file..and saved both files on my other files folder in phone…the jad file isnt opening..

  33. Hey, i have a corby 3850. is it possible to download skype with video chat facility? i have a skype, but it’s only for simple chat.

    and, i want to download grooveshark. but it has .sisx

    is there a trick for that?
    thanks a lot

  34. Hello Paritosh,

    Can you advice me a good app for Mail 4 exchange for Samsung champ? And the way it could be installed and get it working?


  35. hey sir .. dis aint workin6 for my champ .. it says downloaded jar is invalid .. help me pls .. btw dats for java games .. i tried 500kb down .. but still the same ..

  36. use” jad maker” and put jar and jad file in a folder copy folder in memory card select jad now jar file install this work this in some samsung model

  37. Hey hi Paritosh,

    I have tried your trick
    to install .thm (themes) in my samsung chat 322.

    But the .html format is not supported in my phone.

    Is there any other way to install themes ? my phone already supports .jar

    Could you please help me ?

    Waiting for your favourable reply….


  38. hi i have samsung chat 322 i try to install jar file but it swill show invalid jar file and cannot install it and also in game and more folder is in phone location is it change in memory card.

  39. Hi , im using samsung chat322 i couldnt install some jar games which i am getting error as jar file overmax size.. pls help me how can i solve this proble…

  40. Try the method given above. The procedure you are talking about is actually a long one. I don’t know which part you are doing wrong.

  41. hey genius i actually need ur help regarding my samsung phone.what is the code for getting java test menu in samsung chat@335 wifi mobile.
    its .jar file size limit is 700kb i want to increase it.i have applied
    *#52828378# but its showing ‘not done’.please help. thank you>.i really advertise ur website to all my friends they really like it i hope u will mail me my answer.plz.thanks alot once again.

  42. Try to access gmail using m.gmail.com in your phone’s default web browser and see if problem persists. If it doesn’t then I guess it has got something to do with application itself.

  43. namaste.
    i have a samsung c3222 phone. i installed gmail app on my phone and it was working fine. since yesterday it is refusing to connect. error says : “your phone does not support end-to-end secure connection. (reason: Cause unknown). In order to protect your data, Google Mail for mobile cannot be used at this time.”
    Can you please help me resolve this error.
    Thanks and pranam.

  44. Dear friend,
    I am having SAMSUNG GT3222 I want free gprs setting Pls can you help me.
    My mail id is

  45. No Mr. Paritosh, I have installed the Oxford Mini Dictionary which original size is 803 kb and installed size is 824 kb. I have installed it by using a jad file. Nevertheless, it has three installed apps. named as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Palringo which are of more than 700 kb each, but those are not deletable. Along with those three apps. there were two or three deletable apps which were of more than 700 kb. The problem is that it does not allow me to install more than 4 mb of apps in total. So, brother pls. try to find out a solution to break the 4 mb limitation. Thank you.

  46. Try OTA installation using this link: http://db.tt/9IiI1YU
    If this doesn’t work then I guess your phone is one of those’s Samsung Phone which do not allow installation of files with size over 700KB. Moreover, Samsung Phone’s aren’t that java friendly.

  47. Sorry Mr. Paritosh, the attachment you have posted here is giving the same error notice. I myself wrote the same command line as you stated here and in the attachment when I was creating the html file for the file. I followed the exact procedure that you stated in the post. I’m waiting for your reply and a common solution for all other java apps. for Samsung Chat 322. Thank you.

  48. Saving the file on mmc and then installing the app is not possible. It’ll always return the error you mentioned.

    Regarding jar file size, it looks like a phone limitation. Can you share the file? I’ll try and organize a direct download link for you 🙂

  49. In the case of clicking the .jar file it is saying that “JAR file is over max size”. What to do?

  50. No, it isn’t working on Samsung Chat 322. Whenever I try to open the said file, it gives me a command saying that “Unsupported file type”. Can anyone give a solution? It’s a crying need for me.

  51. I own a corby mobile. .jar files can be directly installed. no need of the html file. i have not yet tried other application without .jar extension.


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