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Intel Showcases Advanced Features Of Its Processors For Devices Based On Touch, Gesture & Voice Recognition

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Intel, which is the world’s leading manufacturers of processors for computing devices, has shifted its gear and started targetting new mobile devices like two-in-one devices, tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks, which are fast replacing heavy laptops. The arrival of tablets have forced all the makers of laptops and PC’s to come out with two-in-one devices, which will serve as laptops for professional work and can be used as a tablet, when on the move. Similarly, laptops are shrinking day by day, and now unltrabooks are becoming the order of the day. Similarly, with higer display quality and sizes, smartphones are getting more smarter from computing point of view also and these smartphones having screen sizes of 5 to 6 inches are posing tough challenge to tablets.


In such a scenario and inorder to tap the emerging technologies, Intel’s latest 4th generation processors provide solutions to smartphones and tablets running on Android & Windows platforms and also to ultrabooks and two-in-one devices. To demonstrate Intel’s strength in powering latest devices, Intel organized an event titled  “India Retail Innovation & Technology Tour”  in New Delhi to showcase powerful computing experience in various devices which are driven by Intel’s latest processors. Intel demonstrated on this occasion various devices, which are working on its latest processors and notable among them were Galaxy Tab tablet and tablets of Asus,Acer,Lenovo,Dell and HP etc.,Lenovo and Xolo smartphones,ultrabooks of Sony,Acer,HP and Dell etc,. and two-in-one devices of HP,Asus etc,.


On this occasion, Intel also demonstrated various features and application of its latest 4th generation processors.

Intel Quick Sync Video application which is built right into the 4th generation Intel Core  processor, uses dedicated media processing to make video creation and conversion faster and easier. With it you can create DVDs or Blu-ray discs, create and edit 3D videos, convert 2D video files into 3D, and convert video for your portable media player and for uploading to your favorite social networking sites—all in a flash. Also showcased was ArcSoft ShowBiz  which is a Windows 8 UI application to produce videos quickly using the Intel Quick Sync Video feature.

Intel also demonstrated the better gaming experience with  Iris  Pro graphics 5200 and Intel Iris graphics 5100, whihc are available on its 4th generation core processors. In addition to great gaming and graphics, Ultrabook device users can enhance their experiences with touch, sensor and gesture input.

The other notable and very significant feature of Intel’s 4th generation core processors is its battery efficiency. These processors combine stunning PC performance with tablet-like mobility, accelerating the category of 2-in-1 devices. With power levels as low as 6 watts in system design power, Intel is enabling thinner, lighter, cooler, quieter and fanless designs, while adding broad new human interfaces to computing devices through touch, voice, facial recognition and gesture-based interactions.

Intel also announced the launch of the Silvermont microarchitecture earlier this year. The technology is aimed at low-power requirements in market segments from smartphones to the data center and delivers industry-leading performance-per-watt efficiency.


To sum up, Intel has also spread its wings with the emergence of new devices and is anxious to go inside as many devices as possible with its advanced processors to meet the demands and expectations of new users. In the coming days, we will find more Intel Inside logo on many smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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