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Iotex Launches XWATCH Kids Smartwatch At Rs. 3,599

Iotex Systems, a company focused on the IoT segment, today launched the XWATCH Kids– a smartwatch designed for kids. The Iotex XWATCH Kids Smartwatch is available in Blue and Pink and is priced Rs. 3,599. Currently, this smartwatch is available online at most major e-commerce portals such as Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart etc. and the company is in the process of establishing its distribution channel for retail presence.


This watch comes with 64-inch OLED display with a resolution of 96×32. It is powered by MediaTek MTK6261 GSM chipset. It is capable of performing basic functions like cellular communication, GPS position and one can also make two-way voice calls to preset numbers.

Iotex smartwatch is made specifically for children, and is sized to fit their small wrists comfortably. It is bundled with free tracking services for lifetime. This is water proof device. Users can download the Iotex IoT software applicatiion across Android and iOS devices.

XWATCH Kids smartwatch services are delivered through an Android/iOS XWATCH app. The app is used to connect with XWATCH smartwatch devices from IOTEX and provides GPS location, tracking and communication services. The XWATCH app allows the user to:

· Monitor and track XWATCH devices from a single tracking center, and change the settings of the devices
· Set restricted and authorized zones for the XWATCH to generate alerts when the devices enter and leave such zones
· Create various landmarks like School, Mall, Park etc. for the XWATCH to generate alerts when the devices approach and leave preset landmarks.
· Access and track log history of XWATCH from the app.
· Make cellular calls to the XWATCH for two-way communication.
· Set various power models of the XWATCH for power saving.

Some of the key features of the smartwatch are as follows:
· Ability to receive alerts and notifications of all preset alarm conditions on the authorized smart phone
· Ability to send SOS / Panic alarm with a single button press to mobile application
· Ability to receive calls automatically on XWATCH and SOS alarm



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