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iPad Mini Sold Out In Few Hours During Pre-Orders

That how popular is iPad of Apple can be gauged from the fact that the newly launched iPad Mini – white colour- was sold-out in few hours the moment the pre-order for the same began online in US. However, the black model of iPad Mini is still available in US and will be shipped as per original schedule of 2nd November.

The iPad mini was supposed to ship to users by Nov. 2, but now the expected ship time for white model in US and all models of iPad Mini has been changed to read “two weeks.” That applies to the 16 GB $329 model, the 32 GB for $429 model and the 64 GB for $529 model.

Meanwhile, the black iPad mini is still available to arrive on Nov. 2 in all three of its versions, but how long will it last, is anybody’s guess.

The iPad mini features a 7.9-inch screen with a 1,024 by 768 resolution with a 163 pixels per inch density. It’s also 7.2 mm thin and weighs less than a pound. It runs on Apple’s A5 dual-core processor, and equipped with a  5-megapixel rear camera that shoots 1080p and a 1.2-megapixel front camera that shoots 720p.

The 7.9inch gadget is expected to be hugely  popular, but faces competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, and Microsoft’s Surface, which was launched yesterday. Although many trade experts are sceptical about huge success of mini iPad, yet we are of firm view that as far as tablet is concerned, Apple is the leader so far and its new smaller version will sell in huge numbers in 7 inches segment despite its higher prices compared to Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. The iPad has ease of operation, long battery life and the users have access to around 275,000 apps and no competition can challenge its supermacy.

However, many experts believe that the new mini version may hurt sales of the larger iPad, because of its size and price which will appeal a lot of people. This concern is worth noting and the result will be available in the beginning of next quarter.


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