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itel New Logo Unveiled

Brand itel has unveiled today its new logo. itel which started its business in 2007 and its 16 year’s global journey will now be characterized by a more robust and refreshed identity that reflects its commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and accessibility.

Since its inception, itel has been at the forefront of democratizing technology for the masses of Bharat with its robust smartphone portfolio. itel’s existing logo has served the company well for over a decade and this evolution marks a significant turning point in the brand’s history, introducing a fresh, modern outlook resonating with smart living and youthfulness. The new logo is designed to be modern, vibrant, and easily recognizable, capturing the essence of itel’s brand promise – “Enjoy Better Life”, as stated by itel in its press statement.

The redesigned logo embodies itel’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of users, delivering a smart sophisticated ecosystem of itel products. The refreshed design reflects the brand’s forward-thinking approach while maintaining its core values of accessibility, quality, and affordability. The vibrant magenta hue chosen for the new logo exudes a positive and youthful vibe, reflecting itel’s commitment to staying dynamic in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. The consistent forward slanted angle throughout the logo symbolizes itel’s future focus on empowering and supporting communities through its innovative products and services.

Commenting on the brand’s new identity, Mr. Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, itel India said “After 8 years of successfully raising the technology benchmark in India, unveiling our new logo marks the beginning of a new era for itel. The vibrant Pinkish red color and modern design stand for love, passion, and energy and reflect the spirit of modern Bharat. While we remain dedicated to our purpose of ‘Enjoy Better Life’, this transformation is a bold step towards our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centricity in India.”

The unveiling of the new logo took place on December 1st, accompanied by a captivating collaboration with Sudarshan Patnaik. The Padma Shri award holder’s artistic prowess was showcased in a stunning sand art display at Puri Beach in Odisha, embodying the core values of the brand. The sand art expressed the brand’s message of “Jode Bharat ka har Dil and ‘Enjoy Better Life’, symbolizing the essence of connecting every Indian with itel’s technology.


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