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Where Does iTunes Store Backup Of Your Apple Device?

I am not really a apple fanatic and more often than not find myself searching for answers to even the smallest (and sometimes lamest) of problems. The motivation behind writing this quick article was to allow iPhone, iPad users using Apple iTunes to backup their devices locally (and not on iCloud) to find out the location where Apple ‘secretly’ stores the entire backup of your device.

Before writing this article I tried my hand at jail-braking my iPad 3 and that prompted me to create a backup of iPad before proceeding (really glad that I did it). Now even though iTunes intelligently manages the backup however there can be a case where multiple backups are created. Such a thing happened with me and to clean up the 5.8 GB space it was occupying I tried to manually delete it. Locating the exact location of stored backup file under Windows 7 wasn’t easy at all especially when you have folders hidden.

iTunes Backup Location In Windows 7

Anyhow, in order to save you some time, the iTunes backup location can be found by opening the following path in windows 7:

C: -> Users -> {USERNAME} -> AppData -> Roaming -> Apple Computer -> MobileSync -> Backup

Substitute USERNAME with your own username and make sure you can view the hidden folders and files. Without that option checked you won’t be able to view the folder above.

P.S – This is with respect to Windows 7. For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista or Windows XP, you can get a fairly good idea with the path given above.


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