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Kent Launches Touchless Face Attendance System

KENT RO Systems Limited, water purifying brand, has launched Touchless Attendance System based on Facial Recognition taking into account COVID-19 outbreak. KENT CamAttendance System from the house of Kent is the extension of AI product portfolio which was launched last year with KENTCamEye car camera.

Kent Touchless Attendance is based on Facial Recognition. It uses AI based computer vision to capture and recognize the face of an employee for attendance purpose. It is managed via a secure cloud application that stores employee records and employee photos and data which can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS. It is a faster and more reliable system than the manual attendance as claimed by Kent. Most importantly, the product is designed and manufactured in India with data & servers also residing in India.

Multiple KENT CamAttendance devices can be deployed in one premises and across different sites. All CamAttendance devices can be controlled centrally from the cloud and data from all CamAttendance devices also comes to the cloud in real-time. Company HR can view all data from the cloud and generate employee attendance.

Employees and supervisors can use the optional mobile app for added functionalities such as check-in via mobile, which allows one to mark attendance through mobile via face recognition and/or geo location. The mobile feature also offers leave application, attendance regularization and approval. Furthermore, with the help of the team view functionality, one can check attendance of team members through a consolidated view including their physical locations on a map as further explained by Kent.

The KENT CamAttendance system is priced INR 25,000 + taxes. A nominal annual fee is also payable for using the cloud platform.

Commenting on the new KENT CamAttendance solution, Mr. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO Systems Ltd. said, “This new product is in sync with our philosophy to ensure the well-being of people. We believe that safety should never be compromised. The pandemic triggered us to come up with this product. We are confident and excited to bring to market a much-needed product that improves employee confidence & safety in these pressing times.

This unique and a revolutionary solution will help to capture & manage attendance without risking infection via surface transmission. KENT CamAttendance is touchless attendance system which uses facial recognition and Artificial Intelligence to completely eliminate the need of tactile interaction as experienced in biometric or manual systems.”


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