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Kobo eBook Reader Price Slashed To £50 In UK

E-readers are becoming quite popular because they give access to library of millions of digital books, which can be read at fraction of the cost compared to printed titles and millions of title come free as part of the packages. Who would like to invest in printed titles, which are expensive and difficult to carry whereas you can carry store thousand of books in light weight device at a price of just $85!

Appears interesting and mouth-watering offer!

Yes, you are right. Kobo’s e-reader price has been reduced to almost half of the price of Amazon’s Kindle Touch in UK. It is available for £50 only.  Amazon’s cheapest Kindle model is £89, and Kindle Touch is £109.

There won’t be any element of surprise if the prices are reduced further as all the vendors of e-readers are not making money on hardware but by selling its contents and all of them have huge collections of books in their library. Kobo already has five million customers worldwide and is the biggest eBook company in both Canada and Australia.

The Kobo e-reader offers access to the largest eBook catalogue in the UK, with more than 2.2million titles and one million free books. The Kobo eReader is the same price as the latest basic Kindle. It weighs 221g and can store up to 10,000 eBooks.

Slashing of prices of e-readers is good news for prospective customers but it signals alarm bells for the printing community, who are already getting negligible print orders and unable to utilise fully their huge investments in plant and machinery. Somebody’s gain is at the expense of somebody’s loss.


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