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KRAFTON Establishes 11th New Studio Called ReLU Games

KRAFTON has established a new independent studio called ReLU. This Studio will be headed by MJ Kim, who previously led KRAFTON’s Special Project 2, as the CEO. As KRAFTON’s 11th independent studio, ReLU Games is set to focus on game development using deep learning technology.

Inheriting the spirit of KRAFTON’s in-house incubating program “Special Project II” launched in 2020, ReLU Games will continue making efforts to apply deep learning technology to the funness of games. It plans to leverage deep learning-based game production know-how and ideas accumulated from running Special Project II over the past three years to develop its new titles, as stated by Krafton in its press release.

ReLU Games will launch its first project “FOONDA: AI Puzzle,” which aims at providing users with hyper-personalized puzzle experience by creating a puzzle stage with deep learning technology. It is preparing to release the mobile version of FOONDA: AI Puzzle in 3Q23. Furthermore, ReLU Games will carry out a number of projects to seek the funness of games through deep learning such as Project Orchestra based on speech recognition technology.

KRAFTON is geared toward deep learning in 2023 to innovate game production methods. Starting with the establishment of ReLU Games, KRAFTON will integrate deep learning technology with game content in earnest and continue making bold investments in deep learning.

ReLU Games’ CEO MJ Kim said, “Deep learning technology has led disruptive innovation in our daily lives and the integration of deep learning and gaming is the inevitable future” and emphasized, “ReLU Games will continue taking on a challenge based on our experience in leading the integration of deep learning and gaming.”


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