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Leaked Images Of New iPhone 5 – Head Turner, Innit!?

Anything associated with Apple has got to generated hype. It most certainly does every time. The much anticipated, competition killer, Apple’s latest foray viz. the new iPhone 5 is gaining the heat amongst apple users day in day out.

To add to this rumor fire, a blog by the name iphone.tgbus has got some really close shots of the new iPhone 5, almost detailing what to expect from it’s “looks”. That is to say IF these images are true in any sense.

The most notable thing is the back cover with a shiny border. From the looks of it, I like it! It’s classy and add’s a certain style factor. Then the other most notable portion is the bottom part, which per se looks like speaker outlay but whatever it maybe, it definitely spurs up style quotient of new iPhone 5.

Check out the leaked images of new Apple iPhone 5


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