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Leef Access MicroSD Card Reader Launched For Android Devices

Building off of their success with Leef Bridge, the first USB flash drive for Android phones, Leef Technology LTD. (Leef) today announced Leef Access – a microSD card reader for phones and tablets. Leef Access is a simple, easy-to-use solution for accessing and transferring data from a microSD memory card to Android mobile devices.

AccessPackaging Render FINALBy connecting to the microUSB port of a mobile device, Leef Access provides users with external microSD storage for managing data and allows for direct playback of photos, videos and other content. Maintaining Leef’s emphasis on the small details that matter most to users, Leef Access is designed with the same longer “neck and shoulders” as the Bridge devices so users never have to remove their phone case to use it.

“My phone is my computer. We all are doing more and more on phones and less on computers so a microSD reader for Android is a simple way to quickly move data,” said Mark Schulte, Lead Design Engineer at Leef. “As the data revolution leads more and more people away from computers, we recognize a need to make it easy and convenient for people to share data between mobile devices.”

AccessInUse_2Leef Access offers sleek lines and a compact size that complement the style and form of today’s smartphones and tablets. In addition to the card-reading slot, the Leef design team built in an extra storage slot for a spare microSD card, giving consumers the added convenience of carrying additional memory capacity.

Leef Access is compatible with all microSD memory cards, including Leef PRO, the company’s recently launched UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) memory card line, which are optimized for the microSD USB reader.

Leef Access is immediately available for purchase for a suggested retail price of $9.99 at www.2leef.com<http://www.2leef.com/> andwww.amazon.com<http://www.amazon.com/>.


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