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Letv Of China Set To Enter India In January With Its Flagship Superphones Le 1s & Le Max

China based Letv having a broad range of businesses including TVs, mobile phones, green cars, sports, music, movies and TV show production is spreading its wings in overseas markets and is set to froay into Indian market in the month of January 2016. Letv is expected to organise an event in New Delhi in the middle of January when it will be launching its two flagship smartphones –  Superphones Le 1s and Le Max.


The Superphoness -Le 1s and Le Max support USB Type C port and have a full-suspension glass-frame design and fingerprint recognition. The Superphones come with the innovative and the world’s leading EUI system, operate on Letv’s exclusive “Live” and “LeView” desktops along with “Application” desktop, which deliver unlimited excellent content to the users.

These two phones were launched in Hongkong on 8th December. The era-defining Ecosystem-TV (Eco-TV) that Letv brought to Hong Kong market earlier is said to have revolutionized the local TV industry through its unique TV users interface and acquisition of a massive selection of copyright movies and TV series. Letv’s Ecosystem has gained wide acceptance in APAC, with 92% of customers who purchased the Super TV subscribing 12 to 24 months of Letv membership to access an exciting content, as claimed by the company.

To further enthuse a city filled with fans of Premier League, Letv also offered an unrivalled Premier League package at an attractive price of only HK$169/month that allows viewers to enjoy the thrilling matches across all of Letv’s ecosystem terminals including TVs, TV boxes and Le Superphones. Other products announced at the 9th December event include a new 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth Earphone and the addition of Disney’s hottest movies and TV shows to its extensive content library, to enhance users’ entertainment experience, adds the statement of Letv.

Letv was founded in November 2004 by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong. Letv is said to be one of the fastest growing multinational internet conglomerate. The company is committed to create the “Letv Ecosystem” which integrates platform, content, devices and applications.


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