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LG 2021 InstaView French Door Refrigerator Launched in India

LG has today announced the launch of a new model of InstaView French Door Refrigerator in India. The latest LG InstaView French Door Refrigeratorrefrigerator model comes with a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing users to see inside the easy access compartment without even opening the door, thereby, reducing cold air loss and keeping food fresh for longer.

According to LG, this refrigerator is tested by Intertek and have opined that it reduces the cold air loss by 41%, increasing the efficiency and performance of the refrigerator. The new InstaView French Door Refrigerator has a large fridge section at the top and the freezer section at the bottom thereby providing consumers with ease of access and enables them to store large utensils easily.

The new refrigerator comes equipped with Hygiene Fresh+ technology which is claimed to eliminate up to 99.999% bacteria and removes bad odor in the refrigerator. This sleek refrigerator houses LG’s UVnano technology which harnesses the power of light to maintain a healthy and germ-free water dispenser tap. The UVnano operates automatically once every hour to remove up to 99.99% bacteria on the refrigerator’s dispenser tap. Users can also activate the UVnano feature at their convenience with the press of a button.

The refrigerator maximizes internal space for additional storage with multiple dedicated sections such as – Utility box that regulates the perfect temperature for small items such as deli and cheese at around 3.5?. The 2021 InstaView refrigerator also comes with LG’s Slim SpacePlus Ice System, a door-mounted slim ice maker that, unlike conventional icemakers, provides more storage space in the freezer.

The new model is equipped with LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor Technology and is claimed to consume less energy and provides energy savings of up to 51%. Unlike conventional compressors which have four friction points, the Inverter Linear Compressor features a single friction point delivering more durability and 25% less noise. This refrigerator comes with a 10-year compressor warranty and a 20-year lifetime certified by VDE Germany.

LG’s intelligent InstaView French Door refrigerator can be operated with the LG ThinQ technology. This technology enables users to control the refrigerator through a smartphone app when not at home. This refrigerator also comes with a unique Square Pocket Handle that gives it more practicality and superior aesthetics.

The new LG InstaView French Door Refrigerator is priced Rs.3,29,990 and is available across all retail channels in Matt Black color.


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