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LG G3 Smart Keyboard Update Roll-Out Begins

LG has announced today that it will start rolling-out updates for the Smart Keyboard of its highly successful latest flagship LG G3 samrtphone.  LG 3 Smart Keyboard incorporates predictive technology for analyzing the typing habits of its users to facilitate faster typing with fewer mistakes, and this feature has been highly appreciated by the users. LG G3 has not been launched in India so far.



Besides predicing words, this smart keyboard adjusts to the height of the users to fit their hands and position of their thumbs. This smart keybaord will be upgraded with following features :

Emoji Suggestion : This feature will give users more ways to express themselves. For instance, typing “love” will result in the Smart Keyboard recommending the heart symbol from its Emoji database.

Application-based Text Tone Suggestion : Based on the users typing habits, this will suggests the most commonly used words depending on the application. For example, if the user frequently starts emails with “Dear,” then this is the word that will likely be recommended next time the user opens the messenger app.

Next Word Suggestion : It uses contextual analysis and studies the user’s style over time to suggest the next word or symbol, making the typing experience faster and much more convenient.

Bilingual Word Suggestion : It will automatically detect and make changes to the correct language without requiring the user to manually switch languages. Smart Keyboard is intelligent enough to know what language the owner is attempting to type.

Real-time Path Input : Smart Keyboard will display recommended words in real time as the word is being traced.

The Smart Keyboard application update will begin this month via LG’s update center. LG G3 owners should check with their local operators for the exact schedule of availability.


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