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LG Has Range Of Eco-friendly Products

South Korean giant has come out with many products in consumer goods category which take care of enviornment and they are using diligently earth’s resources. This pholosophy has more relevance for India as our energy demands are met primarily by consumption of coal and fossil resources.

Taking above into consideration, LG has many products on its portfolio which are energy efficient and are manufactured in such a way that fewer burdens are placed on environment. Some of these eco-friendly products of LG are listed below:

LG refrigerators

LG Side by Side Ref

LG Side by Side refrigerators allow users to place select items in specialized compartments, granting quick and convenient access to some of the most commonly used items in the kitchen. In addition to helping keep the kitchen more organized, a powerful Inverter Linear Compressor which increases energy efficiency and allows the refrigerators to operate more quietly.

 Smart Inverter 2.0 refrigerator keeps food cool and ensuring power consumption as less as 2 CFL bulbs. Formulated to ensure smart power management, it automatically detects the change of input voltage and converts Normal Mode to “Inverter-On” Mode during power cuts. The LG Smart Inverter 2.0 Refrigerators is a perfect companion for customers who use UPS/battery as it lets you simply connect the refrigerator with battery during Power-cut without causing any harm or adding separate load to the compressor. The Inverter on mode automatically adjusts the temperature for both fridge & freezer in a way to use the battery longer by consuming less energy. The upgraded compressor guarantees 36% energy saving in comparison to the conventional models. The highly reliable new Smart Inverter Compressor produces less vibration and less noise compared to any other refrigerator.

LG Air conditioners

Mosquito Away inverter VThe LG Inverter V AC ensures 1.7 times faster cooling till the desired temperature is reached and reduces the tonnage while effectively saving energy. The advanced modes encompassed in the AC enable it to save up to 36.4% energy. In 2014, LG electronics was awarded by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) for this energy efficient product. The Inver V AC encompasses an Energy saving mode that is an operation mode consuming minimum energy while maintaining body comfort by applying Body Adaptation Time Algorithm (BATA) to the Air Conditioners.


 LG Televisions

LG 4K OLED TVThe LG OLED (Organic Light Emitting Didoes) TV, encompasses 33 million self-illuminating pixels. The pixels which are not in use can be turned off and remain completely black. Not only does this allow to keep parts of the screen perfectly black and enhance contrast, but it also reduces power consumption. OLED serves as another excellent example of LG’s ability to design advanced products whose eco-friendliness helps strengthen the device’s performance. New prototypes reduce OLED’s dependence on hazardous components such as lead and PCB, reducing harmful environmental impact of the assembly process and making it easier to dispose of OLED televisions once users are ready to move on.


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