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LG Launches 2022 Range of AI Dual Inverter Air Conditioners in India

LG has launched today 2022 range of AI Dual Inverter air conditioners which are powered by AI and are energy efficient. These air conditioners come with multiple in-built sensors and varied speed dual rotary compressor technology for best cooling. LG’s new 2022 line-up consists of 57 Split ACs and 4 window inverter ACs.

The 2022 range of LG air conditioners come equipped with anti-virus protection filter. Coated with Cationic Silver, the filter deactivates upto 99% of virus and bacteria and removes harmful substance such as pollen from the air. These new air conditioners will add on to the existing range of ACs with feature like UV nano & Air Purification. LG has also introduced UV range of ACs with Wi-Fi (ThinQ), Hot & Cold ACs with Super Convertible 5in1, Window Inverter ACs with Convertible 4-in-1 features.

These ACs also come with LG ThinQ technology, which allows users to control & monitor AC at any time and from anywhere with an app on the phone. LG ThinQ offers compatibility with Smart App, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant AI Speakers & Apps, which is available in Split and Window Inverter AC’s. Apart from control, consumers can also get filter cleaning notification & control multiple home appliances through LG’s smart ThinQ.

The 2022 range of air conditioners from LG are equipped with ADC safety sensors. These sensors provide robustness and safety at every step of operation making the air conditioners highly durable while ensuring a stable performance. The outdoor units of the split ACs come with Ocean Black Fins that offer unmatched protection against fin corrosion as outdoor unit is exposed to extreme condition.

The new range of Split AC’s will be available in various capacities & Star Rating at price starting at INR 39990 to INR 73990. The Window Inverter AC’s price start from INR 36990 and goes upto INR 54990.


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