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LG Showcases Lifeband Touch & Heart Rate Earphones

LG has forayed into wearable and fitness arena and showcased today two gadgets in this cartegory at Tech-Show – LG Lifeband Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones. These two devices are aimed at keeping your health under control, and are expected to be formally launhed in India in the second half of this year. LG has also not revlealed the prices of these devices.

LG Lifeband Touch (1)Lifeband Touch is a smart activity tracker that is compatible with heart rate monitors (HRM) as well as smart phones. On the other hand, the innovative Heart Rate Earphones performs dual function of listening music and also help users to measure their heart rate while exercising. Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones can be connected wirelessly. These devices can also be connected to smart phones (Android and iOS supported). These devices are capable of transmitting data to easy-to-use LG Fitness app, or to a number of other third party apps such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper or MapMyFitness.

Lifeband Touch 2Lifeband Touch features a touch OLED panel to display time, biometrics, incoming calls and music controls. Its built-in 3-axis accelerome-ter and altimeter allows the device to accurately measure key performance indicators such as distance, speed, number of steps, calories consumed and projected pace. This device is very lightweight and simple to use, and it incorporates a motion-sensing algorithm that automatically turns on the display when the wearer rotates his or her wrist. Lifeband Touch also offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth to transmit data to a smartphone or receive data from third party devices such as the Heart Rate Earphones.

LG Heart Rate EarphonesOn the other hand, the Heart Rate Earphones feature PerformTek sensor technology which measures blood flow signals from the auricle, the external part of the ear to capture accurate bio-metric data such as heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption. A clip-on medal-lion connected to the earphones provides Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the unit to send data to a smart phone or the Lifeband Touch for a truly seamless experience.

The uniqueness of these wearable devices is that they are not just for exercise but also for day-to-day use in the office or around the home. With Lifeband Touch, you can get call and text notifications sent from your smart phone, and with the Heart Rate Ear-phones, you can play back music all day even when you’re not exercising.

As far as Lifeband Touch is concerned, it will compete with Gear Fit launched by Samsung at MWC. How Gear Fit is priced when it is launched in India on 11th April, will set the ball rolling for wearable wristbands in India and probably LG will see the results and pricing before launching it in India.



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