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LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator With 1001 Litres Capacity Launched At Rs 3,09,990

Keeping in view of large sapce required nowadays in refrigerators, South Korean white goods giant, LG has come out with smart and easy to use ground-breaking Side-by-Side refrigerator with Dual Door-in-Door. The other USP of the LG Side-by-Side refrigerator with Dual Door-in-Door is that it has a huge storage capacity of 1,001 litres, more than any other refrigerator in the world.

This refrigerator carries a 10 year warranty of LG.


According to LG, This refrigerator has been developed to maximize storage capacity and reduce the loss of cold air while opening and closing of the refrigerator, reducing loss of cold air by 43.7%. Its Dual Door-in-Door design is unique and ideal for the home chefs and the family. The multiple doors are equipped to store, provide plenty of space for everyone in the family to store their favorite food items.

This refrigerator is equipped with the Inverter Linear Compressor, unseen from outside, in the Dual Door-in-Door, which keeps food fresh and consumes far less energy. This advanced feature of LG’s Side-by-Side refrigerator makes it effective and ecofriendly, consuming less electricity and keeping the noise level very low, as claimed by LG.

LG’s Hygiene Fresh technology employed on this refrigerator, applies 5-layers of air filter that eradicates most contaminants like dust and bacteria, keeping food free from air-borne bacteria.

LG_Side_by_Side_ref__1___1445936053_22849The LG Side-by-Side refrigerator not only has great storage capacity but also has great aesthetic appeal. The LG Side by Side refrigerator encompasses the world’s first Curved Glass Door with a premium design and luminous black finish, making it sleek and stylish.


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