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LG Smartphone Idea Camp – Share Innovative Ideas And Win Big!

Today, smart-phones have come along way from where they started out. The hi-tech smartphones allow consumers to multi-task with unbelievable ease. Quad core processors, cloud gaming and GPS enabled search engines are the latest rages in the mobile world. Near Field Communications (NFC) is another technology that is all set to take the mobile market by storm by this year. The consumers are now opting for a smartphone than a basic feature phone.

LG understands that as a company it cannot confine itself to its corporate space but must reach out to their consumers. Smartphone Idea Camp is one such initiative by LG to fashion a bond with their consumers,and take their help in developing something unique.

In lieu of this LG has launched an innovative campaign by the name ‘Smartphone Idea Camp’. This campaign is a consumers connect initiative which would be conducted online. During the campaign, LG would invite consumers to submit unique app, feature, concept, service, design, and  ideas that they desire in their phones. The best ideas would get incorporated in LG’s future smartphone line-up and also win prize value of Rs. 15, 00,000.

The 2 month long campaign, which commences from 1st August, 2012 encourages tech enthusiasts to share their innovative app feature concept, service, design, UI ideas. The contest would be open to all Indian residents, and the entries would be evaluated on the basis of imagination, creativity and utility.

“For dynamic products like mobile phones, it is extremely important for us to be indirect contact with our consumers in order to understand what exactly they are looking for and, therefore, add value to their lives”, says Sanjay Maheshwary, Business Head, Mobile Communications, LG India.

To get started visit the Smartphone Idea Camp by visiting this link and get working! – LG Smartphone Idea Camp


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