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LG Sound Bars 2020 Unveiled

LG has unveiled the latest LG Sound Bars 2020 line-up for audio enthusiasts. These Sound Bars have highlights of high-resolution lifelike sound quality from Meridian technology, innovative AI features, easy usability and cutting-edge features and design.

The LG Sound Bar 2020 are equipped with professional Meridian sound technology, the British pioneers of High-resolution audio, to provide the best quality sound and superior bass performance as claimed by LG. These Sound Bars are equipped with the Dolby Atmos and dts:X technology to allow sounds to move freely in a three-dimensional space creating a powerful and lifelike audio experience.

These SoundBar comes with super slim design features, premium Charcoal Gray fabric and offer a complimentary look due to minimal gap between TV and Sound Bar. The Sound Bar also provides innovative AI features such as Google Assistant Voice commands to help streamline your technology demands and AI Room Calibration that enables Soundbar to adjust according to your surroundings, creating the optimal Hi-Resolution sound that enhances the entertainment experience of users by making it smarter, more immersive and highly personalized. It also offers easy usability by allowing to stream any application or file on your mobile device or simply Bluetooth/ Chromecast stream everything.

The SoundBar 2020 also comes with a 400-600W power output, features like eARC that offer the best sound quality possible with high resolution lossless audio connections and more detail due to lossless playback. The Dolby Atmos wireless Sound Bar converts low resolution audio to a high-resolution 24-bit format to make the audio sound more natural and lifelike and the 4K Pass Through allows the TV to display a 4K picture, providing the best sound and picture combination.

Details and Pricing of All Models:

LG Sound Bars 2020

Total Wattage570W440W420W600W300W
Dolby Atmos /         DTS Virtual: XDolbyAtmosDolbyAtmosDTS   Virtual: XDTS    Virtual: XDTS    Virtual: X
Meridian AudioAdobe SystemsAdobe Systems.. 
Hi-resolution AudioAdobe SystemsAdobe SystemsAdobe Systems. 
Google AssistantAdobe SystemsAdobe Systems.. 
AI Room CalibrationAdobe SystemsAdobe Systems.. 
eARCAdobe SystemsAdobe SystemsARCARCARC
4K Pass Through with Dolby Vision SupportAdobe SystemsAdobe Systems...
AI Sound ProAdobe SystemsAdobe SystemsAdobe SystemsAdobe SystemsAdobe Systems

The SN4 Model will be released in November and the remaining LG Sound Bar 2020 line-up will be available in key markets October onwards.


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