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LG To Start Upgrading Its Smartphones With Knock Code Feature From April

LG had announced at the recently concluded MWC that Knock Code will be a key feature in its smartphone models this year, including G Pro 2, G2 mini, F Series and L SeriesIII. LG has announced today that it will make Knock Code feature available on earlier LG smartphone models also via a firmware update starting in April. Owners of LG G2 and G Flex in specific countries will be the first to receive the Knock Code update which will give users instant access to their smartphones via a customized “knock” pattern.

LG_Knock_code_500According to LG, Knock Code security feature enable the smartphone display to be divided divided into four invisible quadrants. The user taps or “knocks” anywhere from two to eight times in the quadrants in a specific sequence. With more than 80,000 possible combinations and no fingerprint streaks, Knock Code offers a level of security far greater than other devices, even those with fingerprint recognition systems. And because Knock Code can be implemented anywhere on the screen in any size without having to view the screen, there’s no chance of password theft. In addition to being safer and more convenient, Knock Code is also claimed to be more responsive compared to bio-recognition systems, which are much more susceptible to variations in the environment.

LG has quoted a research carried out in February, which shows that most users check and unlock their devices between 100 and 150 times a day. LG was inspired to enhance its KnockON feature with a higher layer of security and convenience. KnockOn, which LG patented in 2008, was the perfect foundation to further develop Knock Code, which is unique in its ability to both wake and unlock the phone in one step, a clear time-saver for users. It’s no surprise that more than 50 percent of participants in a recent survey selected Knock Code as the most anticipated feature of G Pro 2, demonstrating the real need for an alternate solution to smartphone security.

LG will announce the details of the availability of the Knock Code upgrade for the respecive markets locally in the coming weeks.


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