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Mahindra University & University of Florida Organizes Indo-US Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Mahindra University in collaboration with the University of Florida organized second edition of the Indo-US Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. ThIS workshop served as a dynamic platform for renowned international and national speakers to share their insights, fostering an exchange of ideas in the fields of computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, and related areas of computer science.

The growing demand for AI and Data Science skills indicates the push towards automation, facilitated by pre-trained Machine Learning models on the cloud, is reshaping industries and emphasizing the need for expertise in the sector.

Prof. Prafulla Kalapatapu, Mahindra University and distinguished Dr. Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida co-chaired the event, bringing wealth of expertise to guide the proceedings. The workshop featured keynote speakers of academic excellence, addressing a diverse range of topics that highlighted the current trends and challenges in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and data science. More than 300 people registered for the workshop which included esteemed speakers such as Prof. Kanappan Palaniappan, Prof. Gunaseetharaman, Prof. Devika P Madalli, Prof. SS Iyenger, Prof. Arun Kumar Pujari, Prof. Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Prof. Arif I Sarwat, and Prof. Deepak Khazanchi that shared valuable insights, enhancing the intellectual discourse.

The workshop facilitated meaningful interactions between faculty, researchers, and experts, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. The diverse range of topics covered during the sessions reflected the workshop’s commitment to exploring the frontiers of artificial intelligence and data science.

According to Dr. Yajulu Medury, Vice-Chancellor of Mahindra University, “The workshop offered an opportunity for young researchers and students to interact with leading experts in the field. This exposure will inspire them to pursue their research endeavors and contribute towards meaningful advancement of AI and Data Science.”

Highlighting the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence in revolutionizing renewable energy solutions, Prof. Arif I Sarwat, Distinguished Scholar and Director, FPL-FIU Solar Facility and EPS said, “In the face of real-time challenges in energy, power, and sustainability, managing millions of customers, analyzing minute-by-minute data, and integrating distributed energy resources is crucial.”

According to Prof. Deepak Khazanchi, Professor of Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis, Executive Director, University of Nebraska Center, and Director of the Executive Master’s of Science in IT, “Prioritizing structural health is not just about safeguarding lives; it’s a cornerstone for preserving infrastructure and fostering sustainable community development. In order to align with the paradigm shift, we need to address on emphasizing ‘big data’ to cultivating ‘smart data’.”

Professor Sartaj Sinha said, “I hope that participants at this Indo-US Workshop on AI and Data Science will gain significant technical insights and hence allow effective engagement with the global community of researchers.”


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