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Make Your Start-Up Marketing Efforts Look Professional – Without Any Design Skills

In every article or blog post you read about your start-up, you probably see the same advice over and over again: make sure it looks professional. It’s valid and vital advice: people won’t trust your company if you don’t look like a legitimate business. However, when it comes to creating logos, making a website, and writing content, how do you master this professionally if you don’t have skills in the area? Well, there’s the obvious choice: hire a team to do it for you. However, freelancers cost a lot of money, and not every start-up has the money to fund it. So, you need to turn to technology. There are plenty of apps and services that can help you create a professional website, a distinctive logo and easy to read copy.

How to handle the design

Apart from those rare few who were blessed with excellent creativity and design skills, few people can create their own graphics. However, with the right software, you could do just that. Plus, you don’t always need to pay extortionate amounts either: free logo maker software is available, and from premium companies too. Setting your brand apart is so important, and with such readily available software, there’s no excuse for a poor logo. You’ll need some inspiration if you’re going to create decent graphics for your company, so it’s a good idea to keep collecting images and pictures you like while you do all your initial research. Likewise, you should think about what picture or image should represent your business: is it an actual picture? A particular typeface or font? A shape or style?

How to handle the website

Your website is undeniably your most important asset. It’s where potential customers will find you, read about your services, and decide whether they want to use or buy from you. So, it needs to look good, work efficiently, and read well. Building a website can be an expensive, long process. However, for your needs, you can do it much cheaper and faster. Using platforms like WordPress gives you all the tools you need to do an extremely good job, without needing a big budget or much technical knowledge. You can reserve your own domain, customize it to suit your design, and add a whole host of features, like a shop, in the click of a button. Plus, if you do get stuck, there are so many WordPress-dedicated blogs and tutorials online, that you’ll easily be able to find an answer to your question.

How to handle the content

Now, you might think that the writing is the easy bit. Well, not so much. You need to think simply, and like your customer. Firstly, write down everything you want to say. Then go through it, and be ruthless. If anything is bragging about yourself or your company – delete it. If anything witters on about your company – delete it. You want to be entirely customer focused. What benefits do they get? What can you do for them? Remember, you want to see more ‘you’ in the copy than ‘we’ or ‘me’. You can use readability checkers to see how readable your content is, and they’ll help you make it sound approachable and professional.


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