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MapmyIndia DriveMate – GPS Based Vehicle Tracking Device Launched

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in premium-quality digital maps, GPS navigation, tracking, location-based apps and GIS solutions, has launched  DriveMate, which is a plug-and-play, real-time GPS based vehicle tracking device and is compatible with all cars.

Image - MapmyIndia DriveMateAccording to MapmyIndia, the DriveMate has built-in GPS and Internet connectivity. Combining this with MapmyIndia’s proprietary best-in-class maps and location technologies, DriveMate continuously and securely monitors, records and transmits the car’s live (exact) location down to building-level detail, as well as the driver behavior such as harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering, and alerts and information related to vehicle theft, misuse, ignition on/off, over-speeding, idling, breach of geo-fence (leaving from or arriving at a particular location), car servicing, pollution or insurance expiry due etc. The car or fleet owner and the loved ones can easily get this valuable information in real-time on their smartphone via FREE companion DriveMate mobile app, which is available across Android, iOS, Windows and Web platforms.

The Max variant of DriveMate additionally gives the car owner in-app connectivity with their car dealer or service center, so they can simply tap to request roadside assistance if the car has broken down or car servicing when service is due. Upon receiving the request, the dealer automatically gets the car’s current location and can dispatch its service vehicle, removing stress for the car owner and ensuring speedy resolutions to problems.

Besides this, all users can store important documents electronically in their app such as Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy and Pollution Certificate etc. They can also see the expected time of arrival of the car at a particular destination, get turn by turn directions to their car when they are away from the car or have parked it, share the current location of the vehicle, and simultaneously monitor multiple cars location and movement on the map.

DriveMate is a plug and play and can be easily installed in less than 5 seconds by the car owner themselves. It simply plugs into the OBD-II port underneath the steering wheel, which is present in nearly all cars sold in India in the past 15 years.

DriveMate is ideal for individual car owners and enterprise fleet operaters, corporate executives, people with drivers, female drivers, car rental, taxi and logistics service providers, and new car buyers, especially those who don’t want to deal with wires or complex installation for their vehicle tracking system.

DriveMate is priced Rs 9,990 which includes first year service and SIM/mobile connectivity charges. The Max variant, which provides additional in-app one-tap connectivity between DriveMate owners and their car dealers and service centers for easy roadside assistance and car service requests, costs Rs 14,990. The hardware comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12 months. 2nd year onwards, DriveMate and DriveMate Max customers need to pay Rs 2400 annually, which covers the tracking service and SIM/mobile connectivity. MapmyIndia also offers a wide range of vehicle tracking solutions starting from Rs 3,000 onwards.


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