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MapmyIndia Launches Car Infotainment System For Front & Rear Seats

MapmyIndia has launched India’s first complete connected car infotainment system for the front and rear-seats to offer a unique infotainment experience to Indian consumers.

MapmyIndia  complete-connected car-info-tainment-systemFor the front seat, MapmyIndia is providing the universal ANDROID 2-DIN system,which is paired with two rear seat head-rest displays. This is especially relevant, as per MapmyIndia, in the Indian scenario where rear-seat travel is quite common but most car infotainment systems are designed to cater to the front seat passengers. Although the command center lies with the front seat unit, the rear-seat headrest screens are equipped with built-in DVD player, USB & SD Card slots. The rear seat passengers can choose watch what is being played in the front or they have the independence to enjoy a movie, songs or just play games of their choice using the input device/slots provided.

The ANDROID UNIVSERSAL 2-DIN system comes with custom designed User interface especially developed for car travel giving instant alerts and information about places along the route interface along with the MapmyIndia’s best in class Turn by Turn Navigation and apps like Explore, ReachMe etc. The users can also access Android apps on this system.

To make the product gel with the car aesthetics, the 2-DIN system in the front is designed in such a way to complement the instrument clusters of most car brands and the back seat Universal headrest system comes with multiple color cover (Black, Grey and Beige) to match most car interiors.

The Android variant has been priced at INR 50,800 and the users can also opt for the Universal 2-DIN system (standard 2 Din AV systems) which has been priced at INR 41,300.

Technical Specifications

Front Unit – Android 2-DIN in-dash

  • ARM Dual Core Cortex A9 1GHz Processor
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 15.75cm WVGA Digital TFT LCD Display (800×480 pixels)
  • 1GB DDR3
  • Built-in MapmyIndia All India Navigation (map in Micro SD card)
  • Front SD/USB/AV-IN
  • 4 channels × 45W MAX Power Output
  • Built-in Bluetooth

Rear Screens

  •       22.9cm (9″) TFT screen (2 nos.)
  •       2 A/V input, 1A/V output
  •       16:9 aspect ratio
  •       800×480 resolution
  •       12V DC Power supply
  •       Built-in stereo speaker
  •       DVD Player can support VCD/SVCD/CD/MP3/MP4/ GAMES Wire games stick/USB/SD/MC/MMS
  •       MMC, MS & USB slot
  •       Built-in game function (optional)
  •       Black, Grey, Beige color selection
  •       Perfect outline design
  •       Dimension: 265mm X 226mm X 139mm



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