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Meizu Introduces Quickest Fast Charging Solution – Super mCharge At MWC

At the ongoing MWC in Barcelona, Chinese smartphone brand, Meizu has showcased its fast charging technology that uses the high-voltage direct charge method. This fast charging solution, Super mCharge, is a major breakthrough among existing direct charging solutions that enable batteries to top up at a much faster rate.

The field-leading 11V/5A charging connector boasts a maximum power of 55W for an accelerated full charge time of just 20 minutes.

Super mCharge adopts the Charge Pump Principle, applying only 2 groups of conversion circuits to directly output half of the voltage. This increases charging efficiency by 9 percent to 98 percent, and ensures stable performance during charging. With Super mCharge, battery temperature tops at 102.2 degree F  during charging, resulting in a safer and more reliable charging solution.

The reduced heat-dissipation and current, along with an upgraded data cable capable of supporting 160W, ensure that Super mCharge is both safe and durable. Tests show that its 3000mAh ATL battery retains over 80% capacity after over 800 charge and discharge cycles, giving it a service life of more than two years. It can bear more than 4 times the current of an ordinary battery, as claimed by Meizu.

Super mCharge is the latest achievement of Meizu’s R&D team in charging technology. It is a solution that is much quicker and more reliable than existing available solutions. Its high-voltage direct charge solution promises to redefine the field.

“Super mCharge is not only the fastest charging technology, but the safest one of all,” commented Li Tao, Supervisor of Meizu’s R&D team.


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