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Meritnation Junior Educational Content Will Make Learning Fun For Kids

Meritnation, India’s largest online education portal, has expaned its portfolio of online content modules, by rolling out a brand new product exclusively for students of class I to V. This product is known as Meritnation Junior, which will make studies for kids a fun and engaging experience. The focus of this product is on concept based learning and practice is the key element of the whole exercise.

DSC04788In this digital world, when the kids are exposed to all kinds of devices, the Meritnation Junior module would be ideal for them to use it on their laptops or tablets.

Meritnation Junior content is available for all the subjects like math,science,EVS,English,Hindi,GK and Olympiad.Meritnation Junior content been developed in such a way that it is engaging and guarantees true mastery of every topic, and the kids enjoy while solving their math problems and learning the languages. This makes studying a hobby and prompt a child to delve into a fun world of learning.

Meritnation Junior content for the kids is available on the meritnation.com and by signing, one can get started. The website provides unlimited questions across 500+ topics with over 1000+ videos. The videos have high quality animations and of shot durantion of maximum two minutes so that the kids are not bored. Moreover, the website has designated parent’s zone which enable parents to create tests and assign them to their children. The parents can also monitor their child’s performance through the reports and can identify the weak spots in their child’s learning.

DSC04783Commenting on the Meritnation Junior, Pavan Chauhan, MD & CEO, Meritnation.com, said,”At Meritnation our endevour is to make learning tools easily accessible and very user friendly. With a platform dedicated to junior classes, we have gone a step further to diversify the ways in which basic concepts and elementary aspects of every subject can be absorbed through fun and games. The idea is to get students to enjoy learning from a very young age and master their basics.”

Meritnation.com has also launched a new Math Tables app for students to learn math tables on their smartphones and tablets. The app is available for all iOS devices and can be downloaded for free.

Founded in 2009, Meritnation.com is the largest online education company in the K12 sector (Kindergarten to class 12) in India. Meritnation’s goal is to make school easy for students. This is done by harnessing the power of  technology to identify and understand each student’s specific learning needs and provide them customized content to nurture their learning curve. Meritnation claims that its education content is accessed by over 65 lakh students.


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