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Micromax Forays Into Air Conditioning Segment

After LED Televisions, Micromax has now forayed into a new category – Air Conditioning. The company today launched its new range of Air Conditioners comprising of three split ACs and one window AC. These air conditioners will be completely manufactured at its facility in Uttarakhand.

Micromax Window ACMicromax Ac’s are available in capacity of 1.5 and 2 Tonne models. These window room air conditioners and split air conditioners are compliant with BEE Star rating and are available at offline retail stores priced between Rs. 20000-30000. These AC’s carry a 5 year comprehensive warranty on compressors & functional parts of Split ACs.

Micromax Split AC (2)

Micromax Air Conditioners feature ECCO Blu Technology which protects the condenser coil from humidity and moisture. These AC’s also features high cooling capacity which enables faster cooling and a hydrophilic condenser and evaporator which protects against humidity and moisture, increases the lifespan of the condenser and durability in locations with high humidity and salt water. The turbo cooling feature ensures that the Air Conditioner reaches desired temperatures at high speed and cools down spaces within minutes, unlike conventional Air Conditioners where the cooling process takes longer. Micromax Air Conditioners come with a long reach airflow (up to 30 meters) that chills every corner of the room quickly. These AC’s conserve energy also.

According to Micromax, their Air Conditioners also address the need of your health. For instance, the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) filter present in the Air Conditioner is capable of removing a broad range of VOC’s, chemicals and vapours with a specialised blend of oxidizing agents which protects against damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. The Vitamin C filter fills the air with Vitamin C which softens the skin and reduces stress and has therapeutic benefits and the Catechin filter freshens up room air quality preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room.



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