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Microsoft Takes Initiative For Raising Awareness For Web Standards

According to Microsoft, web-standards are fundamental to building web experiences that are truly interoperable. This means the content on a webpage can be viewed in its full richness by everybody, independently of the device or browser they use.

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Microsoft has launched an initiative #STAND4RDS, which is all about raising awareness for web standards and effectively using the web to communicate what you are most passionate about. Microsoft supports web standards for a fast and fluid web experience including touch browsing. #STAND4RDS is about Microsoft’s commitment to delivering a quality browsing experience that users can access through the all new Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 devices.

In Phase-1 of the contest organised by Microsoft, developers joined Internet Explorer and tweeted off what they stand for – top social causes like education for the poor child, women’s safety, empowerment & education and corruption free India. Microsoft is now at Phase-2. In this phase, #STAND4RDS initiative gives developers the perfect opportunity to express themselves through the web for a social cause, build a website based on their chosen social cause that shows their commitment to web standards and submit their original content viawww.stand4standards.com. To better support the cause, Microsoft has created modern.IE, a website with free tools and resources to help developers build for and with modern web standards.

Each submission will be reviewed for best practices and winners will be decided by a judging panel in conjunction with a public voting round for the top 50 websites. The top three winning developers stand to win great prizes including an international trip.

As per Microsoft, web developers are not following certain best practices like web standards. This leads to difficultly in accessing web pages by potential users and also offers a low quality experience. To address this issue, Microsoft has taken a stand for web standards through this unique initiative.


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