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Microsoft Tools & Products in Hindi Bridges The Digital Divide in India



Technology giant, Microsoft whose tools and products are used all over the world, has removed the barrier of lanugage of those Indian populace who do not understand English language. Majority of Microsoft tools and products are now available in Hindi to enable everybody to use them in their own langauge and enjoy the umpteen opportunities provided by internet.


As a renowned technology company with a presence in India for the past 16 years, Microsoft has been working actively with the government and at individually level to bridge the existing digital divide and enable people be more productive. On the occasion of Hindi Divas, Microsoft has listed some of the tools and products that are available free of cost for the consumers that are enabling them to effectively and seamlessly work in Hindi. The details of these can be found by clicking here

Reproduced below are quotes of renowned persons which state how Hindi tools of Microsoft have increased the productivity:

Mr Om Thanvi, former editor, Jansatta, New Delhi.
Microsoft introduced Hindi in 2000 through Unicode features that paved the way for India’s Hindi computing. This was a milestone which enabled Hindi to move forward on technology in the world. Today in the media, Microsoft Windows, Office products are used in Hindi in abundance. Simple keyboard, font change (conversion) and the linguistic features have made it easy to work in Hindi.

Jawahar Krnavt, Deputy General Manager, Bank of Baroda, Mumbai.
Microsoft’s digital media products have overcome obstacles with the use of Hindi. To work in Hindi language is essential for the success of the digital revolution. These techniques bring major changes to the common man’s reach.

Pro. Girishwar Mishra, VC, Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University:



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