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Microsoft Will Come Out With More Hardware?

After moderate success of Surface tablet of Microsoft, everybody is speculating what next from the stable of operating system giant Microsoft. As blogged by us earlier, Microsoft has come out with Surface tablet for two reasons. The primary motive was to establish its new Windows 8 RT for mobile applications and Microsoft has been successful in this direction. The other reason to launch Surface tablet was to test the water for its hardware capabilities. As far as latter motive is concerned, the reviews of the tablet are positive and the jury will be out in couple of weeks.

Many trade analysts are of the view that Microsoft should not go ahead with its hardware projects as this will antagonise hardware companies like Acer,Lenovo and other PC makers who have also recently jumped into tablets and smartphones arena. But after tasting success with Surface tablet and visualizing the hugely success stories of Apple with its pioneering iPads and iPhones, and Google with its Nexus tablets and smartphones, Microsoft can’t hold back its vision to compete with these giant technology companies. Microsoft would definitely like to en-cash its software supremacy by entering into hardware arena also to give tough challenge to company like Apple Inc,.

This is the prime reason that as per unconfirmed reports Microsoft is getting the smartphone tested to be launched under its brand name. If Apple can outsource all its hardware from China/Taiwan then Microsoft can also get it manufactured under its supervision from the similar sources and bundle the devices with its own Windows 8.

As far as its competition with PC makers is concerned then this issue can be sorted out as there is huge market for all the products and Microsoft may give some price advantage to its regular buyers of its OS. But one thing is very clear that 2013 is going to be very interesting as far as new products of Microsoft are concerned and we expect to see more tablets,some smartphone and may be phablet under the brand name of Microsoft!


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