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Mobill Launches Next Generation M-Ticket 2.0 Mobile Payment Solutions

Swedish tech company Mobill has launched a  new M-Ticket 2.0 mobile payment solution, which is a vertical payment platform developed specifically to handle the world’s largest public transit systems. The unique, secure and scalable system is easily implemented and can be adapted to a variety of payment options, languages, mobile operators and network technologies.

Mobill recently formed a partnership with Indian security solutions company Sterna Security to launch a safe mobile payment platform in India. Mobill has recently doubled its number of software developers at its Malmö headquarters and is also actively looking at expanding abroad.

With Mobill’s M-Ticket 2.0, customers have access to a simple, effective and secure way to buy tickets using only their mobile devices with payment via a mobile wallet, bank/credit card or mobile phone account. In Mobill’s new solution, the customer receives an electronic ticket containing a unique code block that can be validated by scanning the mobile phone screen. The system is also prepared to handle new bearer services such as NFC, Near Field Communication, and the system also allows customers to purchase multi-trip and multi-passenger tickets.

All of Mobill’s solutions are based on the business concept “to realize the promise of mobile commerce for all”, and its international mobile payment solutions are compatible with 2G-, 3G- and 4G-networks. This means that all of Mobill’s solutions work not only on smartphones, but on the whole cellphone population including basic cellphone models, which is critical in emerging markets, where mobile phone penetration rates are high and there is a great demand for mobile payment solutions.

The global market for mobile e-commerce is growing exponentially with 500 million new active users every year and is projected to grow to 2 billion users by the end of 2014. As one of the leaders in mobile e-commerce, Mobill offers a wide variety of solutions for mobile payments, including tickets for events and public transportation, parking charges, vending machine payments and purchase of products at sports arenas.


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