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Mohani Tea Adopts Microsoft Cloud Solutions For Accelerating Business Growth

Mohani Tea, a leading tea manufacturer, has adopted Microsoft cloud solutions including Microsoft Office 365. With this adoption, the twenty-year-old company has achieved rapid business growth, faster procurement and supply chain efficiencies.


Mohani Tea has transitioned its entire raw material purchasing and product distribution management processes to Microsoft cloud. At the end of the first 12 months, the company saw a fivefold improvement of its procurement cycle time as claimed by Microsoft.

For Mohani Tea, the traditional method of procuring raw tea leaves from government auctions was a slow and complicated process. It involved physical transfer of sensitive documents related to bidding, compliance and purchase closures between its offices and auction locations spread across a wide geographical area. As a result, a typical transaction would take up to four days to close. By moving the entire process to Office 365 platform it was able to share all required documents and bids in a secure, online format while adhering to all internal and industry compliance norms. This brought down the typical procurement period from 3 days down to a xx hours, adds the statement of Microsoft.

Mohani has improved collaboration across their offices, procurement centers in Assam, blending and testing facilities in NOIDA and marketing and dispatch offices in Kolkata and Kanpur and a countrywide distribution network comprising of over one thousand distributors and three lakh retailers. The company improved workflow management, reduced operational risk and improved its productivity significantly while optimizing costs, concludes the statement of Microsoft.

Santosh Kumar Sharma, Mohani Tea said, “The tea business follows processes that are 70-80 years old. While choosing a technology solution, we want to ensure compliance to these processes. Transfer of lot of confidential auction documents and quick informed decision making are key to a profitable transaction in this business. With Office 365 we are able to do that.”


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