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MWC 2012 Update – Samsung Hits New Note With Tablet Launch

Korean equipment manufacturer Samsung unveiled the second device in its Note line-up at Congress this week, and also made it clear that it views the “Note” range as a new category that is not dependent on the form factor.

The Android 4.0 based Galaxy Note 10.1 is a tablet-sized follow-up to the 5.3″ inch device that was launched last year and also comes with the S-pen technology that allows the user to draw pictures and images on the screen.

According to Juha Park, senior vice president in the Samsung global product management group, Note is a product category that links the phone and the tablet. “We created a new category…that is based on usage and not the form factor,” Park told Mobile World Daily. “I believe other vendors will follow our lead.”

Indeed, Samsung is keen to increasingly show itself as a leader in the mobile networks and devices market, and not just a follower of others. Park added that the company expects to sell more than double the number of smart devices this year compared to last year, when it sold 97 million smartphones and between 6 million and 7 million tablets. Park said sales of the first Galaxy Note have so far reached 2 million globally, and the target is to reach sales of 10 million this year.

Also at MWC, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Beam, a projector smartphone that allows users to display and share photos, videos and other content stored in the device onto any flat surfaces.


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