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Nazara Technologies Launches Gulaab Gang Mobile Game On Android

Nazara Technologies has launched the ‘Gulaab Gang – The Game’ mobile game based on the popular movie Gulaab Gang, which was released recently starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla. The game was officially launched by Madhuri Dixit who plays the lead role in the movie Gulaab Gang.

This game can be downlaoded from the Google Play store.

Gulaab Gang Game launch photographThis mobile game is an epic war of the Gulab Gang vs Goonda gang of Sumitra Devi. In this game, you can play a Rajjo and fight with goons working for the nefarious political empire. Your gang includes Sandya, Lata, Vinita, Mahie and Rani who will provide you strength and tactical support in the battle. Each of your gang members has unique weapons and characteristics. As the Leader of your gang you must manage them well to ensure victory over the goondas. You get Power-Ups periodically and can use it to cause massive damage to enemies. You can also build “Machans” (defensive posts) to defend your territory. Once you have collected enough currency (Clout) you can upgrade your characters, Gang members and buildings.

Speaking on the launch of this game, Nitish Mittersain, CEO, Nazara Technologies said, “Mobile gaming is a trend that has taken the country by storm. With a large mobile user base, gaming is becoming a dominant medium not just for entertainment but also for information sharing. Being the pioneer in the mobile gaming business, we felt the need to innovate with socially pertinent concepts and found that inspiration in the Gulaab Gang movie. With the launch of the Gulaab Gang game, we are not just continuing our rich legacy of offering state of the art and engaging entertainment to our customers but also aim to bring in a social change by highlighting the numerous issues experienced by women in Indian society. We want to essentially encourage and inspire the millennials  for concerted efforts to protect the rights of women, particularly in remote areas.”

Key Features of the Game:

– 25 levels of action packed gang-war.

– Many gang members to choose from.

– Each ally has a unique weapon and characteristics.

– Powerful Power-ups.

– Upgrade your Character for better health and more powerful attack capabilities.

– Upgrade your buildings and your allies.

– Awesome Social Integration.

– Create your Game Profile and add a cool Avatar.

– Add new friends and challenge them.

– Make a High Score and post it on the Leader board.


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